The heart of our corporate sustainability commitment is an appreciation of the need to protect and preserve the natural environment where our projects are located. With respect to air emissions, water, effluent and safeguarding biodiversity, our guiding principle for project development, ownership and operation is to meet or exceed both local environmental codes and standards, and World Bank-IFC “Equator Principles” standards.

We seek to develop energy solutions that are the most appropriate for the local economies in the markets in which we operate. As with projects of all fuel types, in places where the right solution is fossil fuel generation we implement and operate our projects with a deep concern for the impact they will have on local populations, we adhere to world-class standards, continuously monitor our performance and make environmentally responsible and safe operations as our priority.

As LEADER ENERGY continues to grow, we foresee renewable energy being an equal or greater part of our growth story relative to thermal power generation and we are intentionally building our core competence in project development and O&M to reflect this. Our first solar power project used a Turnkey EPC Provider, while our second solar power project is being performed with in-house EPC, and so on. We will replicate this internal competence building as we move into other forms of renewable energy, such as wind power generation, to take us forward.

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