Vision & Mission


To be a leading independent power producer in Southeast Asia providing safe, affordable and sustainable power generation and transmission in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, premised upon international best-practice standards.  


Leader Energy’s Mission Statements:

    • To achieve attractive returns for our shareholders and the growth of our business through prudent investments in strategically important greenfield and M&A opportunities within our core markets.

    • To meet or exceed international best practices in the management of our businesses and the operation and maintenance of our assets where safety is always the highest priority.

    • To be a good corporate citizen in the countries where we do business and to give something back to the local communities that host our plants.

    • To provide a safe, respectful and productive work environment for our employees so that they may feel empowered, energized and proud.

    • To provide reliable, clean and affordable power and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

    • To protect and conserve the environment for current and future generations.